Decorative items

A decoration is a type of item used to decorate the various rooms or spaces. The decorative items involve arts or crafts concerned with the design and manufacture of beautiful objects that are also functional. It includes interior design, but not usually architecture. The decorative arts are often categorized in opposition to the “fine arts”, namely, painting, drawing, photography, and large-scale sculpture, which generally have no function other than to be seen.

There are several categories of decorations, with different functions and placement rules. Most decorations cannot overlap each other. However, Desks, along with Mats, allow for small decorations such as dolls and Cushions to be placed on them as these types of decoration cannot be placed on a bare floor. Posters can only be placed on walls. Solid boards can be used to cover up holes in a wall. Chairs and plants also have properties to easily decorate spaces.

Currently decoration is in an exciting place, having been inspired by the re-emergence of pattern & colour within the world of fashion & home interiors, & with decorating inclinations tending towards the eclectic & individual. The time & effort spent choosing the perfect furniture will be repaid every time user enters room. What user value, treasure, & need for your personal space is important & good planning can enhance this.

Tips for decoration

  • Allow 5cm between furniture & walls
  • Plan at least 90cm of clear space behind every chair at a dining table or a desk so that the chair may be easily pulled out for sitting.
  • Allow space for all doors to open & close. On your floor plan draw an arc from the door frame which follows how the door opens.
  • Plan a 90cm passageway through the room, but not through the furniture groupings.
  • Allow 30-60cms of floor space in front of chairs & sofas.
  • Lighter colours are expansive, making the room appear larger. In some cases, you may consider using a combination of dark & light colours to create an illusion. For example, if the ceiling is too high, paint it a darker or brighter colour to contrast with a lighter or cooler wall colour. The reverse would make the ceiling appear higher.
  • If rooms are small, a spacious look can be created by using lightweight furniture with slender legs & open arms. Arrange furniture close to the walls to open up the floor space & avoid too many small accessories. A large mirror can work wonders to create the illusion of doubling the size of the space A sofa works well to divide a room into separate areas. Use the back of the sofa as a divider, placing other furniture against it, eg, a sofa table. Chests, buffets, & bookcases can also serve as room dividers.
  • Place a lamp next to every chair or seat for adequate reading or working light. A table or flat surface should be within easy reach of every seat.

Few decorative items are

Picture Frames

For a personal touch or a comfortable and easy to identity type of home, you can also offer customers with a range of picture frames. Frames can display family pictures or individual portraits to give the house a sense of identity.

Having family memoirs hanging by the walls or displayed by the tables can create a more sentimental effect. It may even enhance the sense of belongingness in each member of the household. The smiling faces of the family and the funny and happy times can be framed and serve as a reminder to everyone that each home also has its good times regardless of the problems. The frames can paint a smile on a saddened face or reconcile hearts.

Mirrors and Wall Plaques

You can also choose provide more elegant choices when it comes to either personal or professional space. Surprisingly, there are mirrors and wall plaques as good complementary items that add to the overall sophisticated feel. Wall plaques can range from abstract designs to flowers, fishes, and even gem-like ensembles that not only look aesthetically appealing but also influential in the overall ambiance.

To create a certain impression then using a combination of mirrors and plaques can do the trick. Even the bathroom can create a more chic ambiance just by adding finely furnished mirrors. Big, medium or small, each mirror can do so much more than just provide your own reflection.

Soft Furnishings

Decorative items can include soft furnishing including cushions and elaborately designed table runners. Certainly, when deciding one’s home the furniture also needs their much needed touch up. Cushions can create casual, feminine, masculine or classic effects depending on their design. People can choose from brightly colored cushions to laced and flowered designs. Table runners also create a homey, country and five-star appeal in no time.

Book Boxes and Stands

For a laidback feel, there are also available book boxes and stands to hold different items. Place books and pile up boxes for a more contemporary and experimental effect. Boxes also serve more than just decorations because they also provide storage space just like how stands offer holding utilities for a range of objects. Decorative items can offer so much more. You can kill two birds in one stone because of the effect and utilities they provide.

Fragrant Cushions

It is sad that a person’s sense of smell is vastly undervalued by most people. Few people realize how powerful the sense of smell can be and how strongly it can influence one’s moods and personality.

The many studies that have researched about aromatherapy and the uses of essential oils have proven that certain types of scent can bring about certain types of reaction, with most of them positive. There are scents that make you relax, scents that make you happy, and scents that make you inspired to do your best.

Last but not the least, there are scents that make you feel beautiful, sexy, and alive and that is something you can enjoy when you use fragrant cushions. These small but powerful objects can be placed in your jewelry box or clothes drawer to have your belongings or clothes smell as nice as they look.

You can also place them next to your books, toys, and stationery to turn them into scented objects. A mere waft of their delicate or fruity smells can help you enjoy a better reading experience or make your children enjoy their playtime more. Mix stationery and fragrant cushions together and you end up with scented stationery that speak as loudly as words about your affections.

Coat Hangers

If you consider your clothes works of art as well, then surely they deserve to be hung on something as pretty as they are? If you believe so, then look for coat hangers that will bring out the best from your outfits. Use multicolour hangers for your most vibrant outfits, from rainbow-coloured bikinis to your most eye-catching cocktail dress. Use clear crystal hangers for your most elegant gowns ? ones that are guaranteed to turn you into a princess for your ball.

Standing mirrors, clocks, boxes, and festival décor? all these are simple things that can look extraordinary with the right designs. They may cost you a little bit more than usual, but they will make you smile more than usual, too.

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