Certified Competition Law Analyst

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Govt. Certified Competition Law Analyst

1. Company Law

1.1 The Basic Principles of Company Law
1.2 Lifting the Corporation Veil
1.3 Concept of Share and Capital
1.4 Formation of a Company
1.5 Promoters, Pre-Incorporation Contracts provisional Contracts
1.6 Doctrine of Ultra Vires and Doctrine of Indoor Management
1.7 Kinds of Companies
1.8 Prospectus and Deposits
1.9 Allotment, Issues of shares at Premium Issue of Shares at a Discount, Rights Issue
1.10 Membership, Nomination, Transfer of Shares and Share Warrant
1.11 Charges
1.12 Meeting – Board and General
1.13 Inter-corporate Loans and Investments
1.14 Directors
1.15 Oppression and Mismanagement
1.16 Compromise And Arrangement
1.17 Accounts, Auditors and Dividend
1.18 Winding Up
1.19 Revival and Rehabilitation of Sick Industrial
1.20 Producer Companies

2. The Competition Act

2.1 Aims, Objects and Definitions
2.2 Anti Competitive Agreements
2.3 Abuse of Dominant Position
2.4 Regulation of Combinations
2.5 Competition Commission of India (CCI)

3. Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act

3.1 The Securities (Contract) Regulation Act
3.2 Subject Index

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