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Certified Digital Citizen Professional study guide

A Digital Citizen is a person who is a uniform user of Information technology. With the increase in technology, it is important to be well-versed with technology. To add on, the world is now being completely dependent on technology. A digital citizen is defined as “those who use the Internet regularly and effectively”. In qualifying as a digital citizen, a person generally must have extensive skills and knowledge in using the Internet through computers, mobile phones, and web-ready devices.  

Roles and Responsibilities

As a Digital Citizen Professional, you will respond to use the right kind of language while communicating over the internet. It is your responsibility as a digital Citizen Professional to report cyberbullying, threats, and ill-suited usage of digital resources. To add on, Digital citizenship makes the candidate aware of, how to look out, select, and streamline information and how to choose a real and authentic source of information.

 Vskills Certified Digital Citizen

With the Vskills Certified Digital Citizen , you will be able to develop all the relevant skills and knowledge. To add on, everyone is embracing technology every day without examining the consequence of implementation. Today, with digitalization, employers judge prospective students or employees for their social media profiles. So, it is important to know how to create online personas that project positive and constructive image.

Educators can only prevent cyber-bullying by educating students about it. Information Search and Analysis is an important aspect of Digital Citizenship. There are lots of resources available over the Internet and not all are authentic.

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Test Details

  • Exam Duration: 60 minutes
  • Number  of questions: 50
  • Maximum marks: 50
  • Passing marks: 25 (50%).
  • There is NO negative marking in this module
  • It is an online examination
Certified Digital Citizen Professional exam details

Course Outline

The Certified Digital Citizen exam covers the following topics –

Digital Citizen Basics

  • Definition
  • Need

Digital Access

  • IT Basics (data, information, data size -bit/byte, input and output devices, peripherals)
  • Networking Basics (network types, wired and wireless, devices and terminologies for broadband connection and wi-fi)
  • Mobile Technology (Smart phone, OS, 2g/3g/4g, app store)

Digital Commerce

  • E-commerce and types
  • Online services (grocery, doctor, etc.)
  • Online purchase requirement and process
  • Bank details safety (OTP, malware and phishing)

Digital Communication

  • Email (terms, sending, receiving, attachments, outlook, gmail)
  • Social Media (Google+, Facebook and Twitter accounts, usage, friends, share, like)
  • Online messaging – Online chat, Skype, Google hangout,
  • Mobile messaging – SMS, MMS, Video calls, Whatsapp

Digital Literacy

  • Search Engine
  • Information search (image search, Google hacks, job and internship search, whois)
  • Data Backup (need, technologies, online and offline backup for PC and mobile)
  • Device maintenance (PC, laptop, mobile)

Digital Etiquette

  • Netiquette (in chat and messaging)
  • Appropriate behavior and language (in social media)

Digital Law

  • Cyber Bullying (definition, punishment, example cases)
  • Digital footprint and online reputation (concepts, management)
  • IT Act, 2008 (crime and punishments)

Digital Rights and Responsibilities

  • Copyright, license and fair use
  • IPR
  • Public Domain
  • Privacy
  • Plagiarism

Digital Security

  • Online threats and prevention
  • Device security
  • Password security

Digital Health

  • Health ill-effects (eye strain, joints and body pain)
  • Managing personal health (exercise, posture)
  • Health monitors

Preparatory Guide for Vskills Certified Digital Citizen

This Preparatory Guide will act as a bridge for your career advancements. Our team has curated this guide to help you excel in your certification Let’s discuss step by step-

Preparatory Guide for Vskills Certified Digital Citizen

Exam Objectives

The course domains and modules act as a blueprint for the exam. This will help candidates to easily start preparing for the exam. Also, for the Vskills Certified Digital Citizen Professional, the exam topics to refer to are:

  • Digital Citizen Basics
  • Digital Access
  • Digital Commerce
  • Digital Communication
  • Digital Literacy
  • Digital Etiquette
  • Digital Law
  • Digital Rights and Responsibilities
  • Digital Security
  • Digital Health

Refer: Certified Digital Citizen Professional Brochure

Vskills E-Learning

For the Vskills Digital Citizen Professional examination, our team has provided online study material. Also, this online material is regularly updated. Furthermore, e-learning is bundled with hard copy material which helps candidates to improve and update the learning curve for superior and better opportunities.

Refer: Certified Digital Citizen Professional  Sample Chapter

Reference Books

It is vital to prepare from the right books. To ease out your hunt for books we have provided a list of books which you can refer –

  •  Digital Citizenship Policy Development Guide by Mike Ribble and Marty Parks
  • Safe digital citizenship by Kristine Mlis Spanier

Evaluate yourself with Practice Test

After studying for the examination, it is important to practice sample papers. Practicing sample test will help you analyze your weak areas and strengths. Moreover, you will be able to improve your answering skills that will result in saving a lot of time. So, make sure to find the best practice sources.

Certified Digital Citizen Professional free practice test

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