Angular 7 Material’s Typography

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Typography is a way of arranging type to make text legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. Angular Material’s typography is based on the guidelines from the Material Design spec and is arranged into typography levels. Each level has a font-size, line-height and font-weight. The available levels are:

  • display-4, display-3, display-2 and display-1 – Large, one-off headers, usually at the top of the page (e.g. a hero header).
  • headline – Section heading corresponding to the <h1> tag.
  • title – Section heading corresponding to the <h2> tag.
  • subheading-2 – Section heading corresponding to the <h3> tag.
  • subheading-1 – Section heading corresponding to the <h4> tag.
  • body-1 – Base body text.
  • body-2 – Bolder body text.
  • caption – Smaller body and hint text.
  • button – Buttons and anchors.
  • input – Form input fields.

The typography levels are collected into a typography config which is used to generate the CSS.


To get started, you first include the Roboto font with the 300, 400 and 500 weights. You can host it yourself or include it from Google Fonts:

<link href=”,400,500″ rel=”stylesheet”>

Now you can add the appropriate CSS classes to the elements that you want to style:

<h1 class=”mat-display-1″>Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz.</h1>

<h2 class=”mat-h2″>The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.</h2>

By default, Angular Material doesn’t apply any global CSS. To apply the library’s typographic styles more broadly, you can take advantage of the mat-typography CSS class. This class will style all descendant native elements.

<!– By default, Angular Material applies no global styles to native elements. –>

<h1>This header is unstyled</h1>

<!– Applying the mat-tyography class adds styles for native elements. –>

<section class=”mat-typography”>

<h1>This header will be styled</h1>



Typography customization is an extension of Angular Material’s Sass-based theming. Similar to creating a custom theme, you can create a custom typography configuration.

@import ‘[email protected]/material/theming’;

// Define a custom typography config that overrides the font-family as well as the

// `headlines` and `body-1` levels.

$custom-typography: mat-typography-config(

$font-family: ‘Roboto, monospace’,

$headline: mat-typography-level(32px, 48px, 700),

$body-1: mat-typography-level(16px, 24px, 500)


As the above example demonstrates, a typography configuration is created by using the mat-typography-config function, which is given both the font-family and the set of typographic levels described earlier. Each typographic level is defined by the mat-typography-level function, which requires a font-size, line-height, and font-weight. Note that the font-family has to be in quotes.

Once the custom typography definition is created, it can be consumed to generate styles via different Sass mixins.

// Override typography CSS classes (e.g., mat-h1, mat-display-1, mat-typography, etc.).

@include mat-base-typography($custom-typography);


// Override typography for a specific Angular Material components.

@include mat-checkbox-typography($custom-typography);

// Override typography for all Angular Material, including mat-base-typography and all components.

@include angular-material-typography($custom-typography);

If you’re using Material’s theming, you can also pass in your typography config to the mat-core mixin:

// Override the typography in the core CSS.

@include mat-core($custom-typography);

Material typography in your custom CSS

Angular Material includes typography utility mixins and functions that you can use to customize your own components:

  • mat-font-size($config, $level) – Gets the font-size, based on the provided config and level.
  • mat-font-family($config) – Gets the font-family, based on the provided config.
  • mat-line-height($config, $level) – Gets the line-height, based on the provided config and level.
  • mat-font-weight($config, $level) – Gets the font-weight, based on the provided config and level.
  • mat-typography-level-to-styles($config, $level) – Mixin that takes in a configuration object and a typography level, and outputs a short-hand CSS font declaration.

@import ‘[email protected]/material/theming’;

// Create a config with the default typography levels.

$config: mat-typography-config();

// Custom header that uses only the Material `font-size` and `font-family`.

.unicorn-header {

font-size: mat-font-size($config, headline);

font-family: mat-font-family($config);


// Custom title that uses all of the typography styles from the `title` level.

.unicorn-title {

@include mat-typography-level-to-styles($config, title);


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