Accounting for Investments under Indian GAAP

The statement deals with accounting for investments in the financial statements of enterprises and related disclosure requirements. The enterprises are required to disclose the current investments (realizable in nature and intended to be held for not more than one year from the date of its acquisition) and long terms investments (other than current investments) distinctly in their financial statements.

An investment property should be accounted for as long-term investments. The cost of investments should include all acquisition costs (including brokerage, fees and duties) and on disposal of an investment, the difference between the carrying amount and net disposal proceeds should be charged or credited to profit and loss statement.

Terms used in AS-13

  • Investments are assets held by an enterprise for earning income by way of dividends, interest, and rentals, for capital appreciation, or for other benefits to the investing enterprise. Assets held as stock-in-trade are not ‘investments’
  • Fair value is the amount for which an asset could be exchanged between a knowledgeable, willing buyer and a knowledgeable, willing seller in an arm’s length transaction. Under appropriate circumstances, market value or net realisable value provides an evidence of fair value.
  • Market value is the amount obtainable from the sale of an investment in an open market, net of expenses necessarily to be incurred on or before disposal.
Forms of Investments

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