Accounting for Government Grants Under the Indian GAAP (AS-12)

The Standard encompasses accounting for government grants like subsidies, cash incentives, duty drawbacks, etc. and specifies that the government grants should not be recognized until there is reasonable assurance that the enterprise will comply with the conditions attached to them, and the grant will be received. The standard also describes the treatment of non-monetary government grants; presentation of grants related to specific fixed assets, related to revenue, related to promoters’ contribution; treatment for refund of government grants etc. The enterprises are required to disclose

  • the accounting policy adopted for government grants including the methods of presentation in the financial statements;
  • the nature and extent of government grants recognized in the financial statements, including non-monetary grants of assets given either at a concessional rate or free of cost.

The receipt of government grants by an enterprise is significant for preparation of the financial statements for two reasons. Firstly, if a government grant has been received, an appropriate method of accounting therefore is necessary. Secondly, it is preferred to give an indication of the extent to which the enterprise has benefited from such grant during the reporting period. This facilitates comparison of an enterprise’s financial statements with those of prior periods and with those of other enterprises.

Accounting Treatment of Government Grants

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