Basel III Professional

Certify and Increase Opportunity.
Govt. Basel III Professional

Module – I

  • Introduction to the Basel Accords
  • Introduction to the Basel II Guidelines
  • Eligible capital under Basel II
  • Basel II – Credit Risk Measurement
  • Standardized Approach
  • IRB Approach
  • Basel II – Market Risk Measurement
  • Basel II – Operational Risk Measurement
  • ICAAP and stress testing framework

Module – II

  • Shortcomings in Basel-II and the need for Basel-III
  • Recap of the global financial crisis
  • Key enhancements in Basel-III

Module – III

  • Overview of changes in capital composition under Basel III
  • Impact of Change in Capital Composition
  • Treatment of Minority Interests

Module – IV

  • Conversion and Cyclical Buffer
  • Global Systemically Important Banks GSIBs

Module – V

  • Leverage Ratio
  • Harmonizing Liquidity Standards

Module – VI

  • Changes To The Securitization Framework
  • Changes To The Counterparty Credit Risk Management Framework
  • Wrong-way Risk
  • Changes to Pillar-III Requirements