An apex body called the Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) was set up in 1965 with its registered office in Delhi, as a common and coordinating platform for the various export organisations including the Commodity Councils and Boards and the service institutions and organisations.

The principal activities of the FIEO are

  • Convening meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops to pro-vide opportunity to all sectors of the exporting community and export promotion institutions in India to review, discuss and, wherever necessary, to  formulate recommendations to the Government and other authorities, on problems, prospects and potentials of India’s exports
  • Arranging ‘round-table’ conferences of business interests in India with trade missions and other business teams on a visit to India
  • Inviting leading business interests and Economic and Trade Missions from abroad specially for a tour of industrial and commercial centres in India
  • Projecting Indian goods and services abroad through various media including films, exhibitions, advertisements and publications
  • Sponsoring outgoing multi-interest trade and economic missions, and special teams of government recognized export houses, consultancy firms, small scale industries and individual study-cum-sales teams.