Promoted Tweets

Promoting your account is one of the quickest ways to build an active community of advocates and influencers for your business. The bigger your follower base, the more people there are to engage with and spread your message.

Promoted Accounts help you:

  • Reach more followers likely to be interested in your brand
  • Build a community of advocates

Twitter’s targeting options allow you to get your account in front of more people who are just like your followers – engaged users who are passionate about your business. A bonus: connect with customers in a specific geography or with specific interests using our laser beam-like tools.

Show up in mobile home timelines and in “Who to follow,” Twitter’s own account recommendation engine. Our magical algorithm finds users who may be interested in your business and puts your account in front of them.


Targeting with Promoted Accounts could not be easier. You can target by:

  • Interest
  • Geography
  • Gender

You’ll only be charged when people follow your Promoted Account—it’s that simple. Just set a budget. The budget you set may vary across campaigns and will depend on your goals.

Measurement is made easy, so you can focus on growing your business. Get real-time updates on your follower numbers and what they’re interested in. With Twitter Ads, you get access to premium analytics:

  • Promoted Accounts dashboard
  • Followers dashboard
  • Tweet level analytics for your Promoted Accounts in timeline creatives


Trends are popular topics happening right now, on Twitter. Because these Trends are placed prominently next to a user’s timeline, they get mass exposure.

The Trends list is a good place to start a conversation on Twitter. Your Promoted Trend is featured at the top of the list for an entire day. It is prime real estate on Twitter, across both desktop and mobile experiences. When a user clicks on your Promoted Trend, it takes them to your marketing message displayed through your Promoted Tweet. Because of their reach, Promoted Trends are super effective.

A successful promoted trend is anything that gives users something new and exciting to discover, participate in, and share. This could be a kick-off event, a major announcement or even a product launch. Your Trend should be recognizable without being too explicit. This helps create the curiosity that makes users want to click through.

Target your Trend by country or go global to reach a worldwide audience. You can also quantify and qualify your campaign’s impact to your heart’s content. Promoted Trends come complete with their own analytics dashboard, along with research from Twitter’s certified partner, Crimson Hexagon.