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A brand is a perceptual entity and exists in the perceptual world of customers. While drawing a positioning strategy, a brand might incur some positioning errors which will have an effect on the brand.

Under Positioning: The state of buyers where they do not have much information about the brand and its attributes and use and consider the brand to be just another in the pool of brand is called under positioning. This is a field attempt to assert distinctive positions in the market.

Over Positioning: This is the state where the buyers or perspective buyers attaches a very narrow image for the brand. They have perception about a particular brand due to lack of information of pre decided notion. For example, buyers think that Apple only comes out with expensive products where Apple has a range of products at different prices.

Confused Positioning: It is often observed that a brand will created too many associations with the product or will reposition the brand very frequently. This results in confusing the potential buyers about the goods and hampers the positioning schemes.

Doubtful Positioning: There are situations where the buyer finds it extremely difficult to believe the claims made by the brand given the price, product features or the manufacturer. This means the positioning strategy has not been to effectively in convincing the potential buyers about the good.