Course Outline


Social Media and Facebook
  • Explaining the concepts of Web 2.0
  • Describing the growth of social media
  • Understanding the importance and evolution of facebook in social media
Facebook Application Development
  • Explaining the components of a facebook application
  • Understanding the process developing an facebook application
  • Grasping release of facebook application on or on a web server
  • Illustrating SDK of different programming language like Javascript, PHP, Python, Perl, .Net and Mobile
  • Describing documentation available online on
Facebook Application Access
  • Explaining the steps to access facebook data by XFBML, pure javascript and server-side PHP
  • Understanding the process of application setup in facebook
Application in
  • Detailing the process of customizing canvas page and tabs in a facebook application
  • Understanding the concepts of counter notification and news feed
  • Illustrating the concepts by developing a sample facebook application
  • Increasing the user base of facebook page by inviting them
  • Explaining the techniques to customize facebook page and username
  • Detailing the process of integrating facebook application in a facebook page
Application in Other Site
  • Using facebook social plugins on a web site
  • Explaining open graphs usage in facebook application
  • Describing the graph API and OAuth for data access from facebook
Facebook APIs
  • Understanding object, basic, real time and search APIs given by facebook

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