How to Conduct an HR Audit

How to Conduct an HR Audit?

Do you want to learn about conducting an HR audit or want to know about various strategies and ways to conduct it? Then you are at the right place. In this article, you will learn about the auditing strategy and practices to check department’s adequacy, effectiveness,and making it problem-free. Human resources audits have to focus on every human resource function. And, this includes recruitment and selection, workplace safety and risk management, training and development, employee…

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How do I get into HR Analytics?

Do you have an interest in the field of human resources and want to learn more about its analytical aspects? If so, then getting into HR Analytics would be a great career choice for you. Apparently, HR is gradually moving away from making gut decisions to more evidence-based decision making. Earlier, it was assumed that as a team the contribution of HR is limited to extending offer letters and onboarding new hires, but human resource…

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How to become an HR Auditor

How do I prepare for an HR audit?

Are you all ready to prepare for HR Audit, or finding a study plan, to start your preparation with? No need to worry! Whether it is for a professional agency audit, or just want to be ready for an unannounced visit from the department of labor, in this article you will find the best way to understand HR audits and how to prepare for it. Basically, the field of Human resource audit focuses on examining…

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hr practices - training and development essential

Training and Development | Essential HR Practices

Training and Development is an essential practice for any organization. It helps firms to enhance employee performance and track their productivity. It is expected of training interventions to bring forth productive results for the organization’s goals. Developing the knowledge base of employees, skill enhancement, human resource utility and teaching of new concepts and ideas are the kind of engagements that are included in it. However, this intervention in itself is a rather expensive investment. The…

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The changing face of HR in the new millennium

Human Resource is no longer a primitive activity. It has become very effectual in terms of manpower planning whether in a big or small enterprise. The role of HR managers has transformed from traditional body shoppers to pride builders. We can differentiate between a successful and unsuccessful company on the basis of how each manager manages its people. It depends on how we use and put our knowledge into work, in an economy where people…

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Human Resource Management by Shubhangi Sethi

“The difference in the interpretation of Human Resource Management have created two different schools thought: soft and hard Human Resource Management  are also often defined as two main models of HRM .Soft HRM  focuses on employee training , development , commitment and participation . It is used to define human resource function aimed to develop motivation , quality and commitment of employees .  Hard HRM ,  the other hand ,concentrates mostly on strategy where human…

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THE PSYCHOLOGICAL CONTRACT: THE CHANGING NATURE OF EMPLOYEE – EMPLOYER EXPECTATIONS The Psychological Contract is the correlation of an employer with his/her employees and exclusively concerned with their mutual prospect of key input and result outlook. It is also known as dominant behaviour determinant at the workplace the contract can portray as deportment such as employees emotion even though a whole positive reception is required to be understood mutually. It is an increasingly relevant aspect of workplace…

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Positives And Negatives

Life is akin to a bright moon, which still has a dark side to it. Whether or not visible to the naked eye. Likewise, every step of life deals with two sides- a positive and a negative. One should face and conquer both the aspects with equal courage and optimism in heart. A very important dimension that consists of a similar outlook is the role of staffing in Human Resource Management. Staffing is a primitive…

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Human Resource Management by Aradhana Badhwar

   Human Resource Management (HRM) also known as HR is defined as the management of people in an organization (mostly employees) directed towards achieving organizational goals. The key roles that a human resource manager performs in order to do so are broadly, staffing, defining work and compensation. Let us discuss them in some detail. First, staffing is finding the right people for the right job at the right time. An HR manager carries out a…

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PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL is that occasion when once a year you foind out who claims sovereignity over you- Peter Block  Well thats true ! Performance Appraisal is evaluating the prformance of an employee and  understanding the  abilities for further growth and development . Performance appraisal as a tool if not only beneficial for the company but also for employees . Evaluation process will help them to know their actual worth which will further lead them to an improvement…

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