why communication holds so much importance

Ever wondered why communication holds so much importance?

Effective Communication “Nobody ever tells me these things” “Why didn’t you tell me sooner” “I guess I should have included you in the list of people getting my memos” The list of obstacles to good communication is almost endless. And each failure can mean serious losses—errors, delays, bottlenecks, misunderstandings. Accordingly, the executive who maintains effective communications up, down, and laterally has taken a giant step toward increasing his effectiveness. At our workplace GETTING YOUR SECRETARY…

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How to prepare for a job interview

How to prepare for a job interview?

Since, cracking a job interview isn’t rocket science, still there are many things one needs to consider in order to succeed. Here we have discussed the ways one can prepare for the interview. But before the preparation you need to know how to grab the right opportunity. Invest your time and efforts in creating a Perfect Cover Letter and Resume Every job offered by with same profile offered by different companies never possesses same job…

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How to manage your day in lockdown period

How to manage your day in lockdown period to have more efficiency?

So now as already almost the whole world is on hold due to the pandemic. Some of us are working from home and here arises the issue of productivity. We all are wondering how to cope up with this. Though it’s not that tough but as working from home brings the comfort in our mind like- we can sit wherever we want and take breaks in between that we barely get to experience in our…

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Why are labour laws so important

Why are labour laws so important?

If we see the employment laws also known as labour laws have received negative response in recent years. There are some employers who have tried reducing the legal protection permitted to workers in the name of more profits. Since the labour laws were placed to protect the workers from any wrongdoing by their employers. So, without these statutes the workers would be vulnerable to a several threats. The essential laws involve minimum wage, discrimination and…

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Become a Certified Labour Law Analyst

What are the Important Labour Laws in India?

Labour law is customarily known as ‘the law of employment’. Primarily labour policy in India is been progressing in response to specific needs of the situation to suit requirements of a planned economic development and social justice. And it has two-fold objectives, specifically maintaining industrial peace and promoting the welfare of the labour. Labour laws sheath three aspects. Industrial Relations Workplace Health and safety Employment standards Legislating Power To legislate on the matters concerning labour…

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Become a Labour Law professional

What are the Labour Laws in HR?

HR managers play a vital role in shaping the growth of a company/organization. Roles such as- inducting, recruiting, performance assessment, training and Development, and grievance resolution, they are hold responsible for retention, performance and satisfaction of the employees. The “Law” has an important role in the performance of any HR manager. Although not always its apparent. For instance- hiring is accompanied by contracts and also possible negotiation. While firing may require them to follow the…

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Become a certified Software Tester

How is software testing done?

It’s tough to understand the software testing process, even for the best of us. However, we have discussed the testing process that’s adapted by the testers based on their particular requirements. What is Software Testing? It refers to the process of evaluating software and its components to identify any errors. Also, errors or bugs that potentially might disrupt the functionality of the software. So, it’s vital to undertake the software process as it bridges the…

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What are the different types of software testing

What are the different types of testing?

So already learnt Software Testing and think that’s enough? Completing a software project is not sufficient. As we also need to test it. But now the question arises exactly why should we care about testing a software application? Since software testing is about checking if the software is functioning properly? And if it meets the written requirements specifications. So, the basic goals of software tests are to get rid of bugs and to enhance various…

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Is JMeter easy? How can I become a JMeter Tester?

Although this cannot be said whether is JMeter easy or tough, as its totally a subjective question. Still here we have tried explaining all about JMeter. JMeter is an open source tool for load testing, which is very famous with enterprise and web-based applications. Load and performance testing are an upcoming field in software testing primarily because of mobile and web. Hence, a lots of job opportunities are coming up in top tier companies such…

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Become a certified python developer

What is Python and should I get certified in Python?

Regardless of you being a web developer or a data science professional, you must have heard a lot push about the Python. Indeed, there are piles of articles exalting everything about Python. So, here also we’ll talk of the much-needed information about it. However, we’ll focus on the career and knowledge part too. And all what it takes to become a Python professional. Although, we have all heard about the importance of Python in various…

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