Why should I take this certification?

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is a set of accounting standards, developed by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) that is becoming the global standard for the preparation of public company financial statements. India is one of the over 100 countries that have or are moving towards IFRS (International Financial Reporting standards) convergence with a view to bringing about uniformity in reporting systems globally, enabling businesses, finances and funds to access more opportunities. ICAI has decided to implement IFRS in India. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has also announced its commitment to convergence to IFRS.

How will I benefit from this certification?

IFRS Professionals are in great demand. Companies specializing in consulting & finance constantly hire skilled IFRS Reporting Professionals. Various public and private companies also need IFRS Professionals for their finance or accounts departments.

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Companies that hire IFRS Standards Professionals

Vskills Certified IFRS Professionals will find employment in Top MNC's and organizations like E&Y, KPMG, PwC, Deloitte

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IAS 1 — Presentation of Financial Statements
IAS 2 — Inventories
IAS 7 — Statement of Cash Flows
IAS 8 — Accounting Policies, Changes in Accounting Estimates and Errors
IAS 10 — Events After the Reporting Period
IAS 11 — Construction Contracts
IAS 12 — Income Taxes
IAS 16 — Property, Plant and Equipment
IAS 17 — Leases
IAS 18 — Revenue
IAS 19 — Employee Benefits (2011)
IAS 20 — Accounting for Government Grants and Disclosure of Government Assistance
IAS 21 — The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
IAS 23 — Borrowing Costs
IAS 24 — Related Party Disclosures
IAS 26 — Accounting and Reporting by Retirement Benefit Plans
IAS 27 — Separate Financial Statements (2011)
IAS 28 — Investments in Associates and Joint Ventures (2011)
IAS 29 — Financial Reporting in Hyperinflationary Economies
IAS 31 — Interests In Joint Ventures
IAS 32 — Financial Instruments: Presentation
IAS 33 — Earnings Per Share
IAS 34 — Interim Financial Reporting
IAS 36 — Impairment of Assets
IAS 37 — Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets
IAS 38 — Intangible Assets
IAS 39 — Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement
IAS 40 — Investment Property
IAS 41 — Agriculture
IFRS 1 — First-time Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards
IFRS 2 — Share-based Payment
IFRS 3 — Business Combinations
IFRS 4  — Insurance Contracts
IFRS 5  — Non-current Assets Held for Sale and Discontinued Operations
IFRS 6  — Exploration for and Evaluation of Mineral Resources
IFRS 7 — Financial Instruments: Disclosures
IFRS 8 — Operating Segments
IFRS 9 — Financial Instruments
IFRS 10 — Consolidated Financial Statements
IFRS 11 — Joint Arrangements
IFRS 12 — Disclosure of Interests in Other Entities
IFRS 13 — Fair Value Measurement
IFRS 14 — Regulatory Deferral Accounts
IFRS 15 — Revenue from Contracts with Customers
FRS 16 - Leases
IFRS 17 - Insurance Contracts
Issues in IFRS
Difference between IFRS and US GAAP


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