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Retail Management Table of Content

Table of Content


Defining The Retail Supply Chain

  • Introduction
  • More Than Stores
  • Defining The Terms: Supply Chain And Supply Chain Management
  • The Importance Of Customer Segments
  • Adding Value Along The Chain
  • Types Of Retail Supply Chain Businesses
  • Supply Chain Component Data

A Changing World: Moving Toward Comparative Advantages

  • Basics in Comparative Advantage
  • Concept Of Distance

Drivers Of Retail Supply Chain Change

  • Introduction
  • Drivers Are Important
  • Innovation Driver
  • Extended Product Design
  • Globalization
  • Flexibility Imperative-The Ultimate Capability

Paths To The Customer

  • Introduction
  • Meeting Market Needs – Dimensions
  • Procter & Gamble Case Study
  • Role Of Specifications
  • Nature Of Demand
  • Quality Function Deployment (QFD) Tool

Product Types – Value To The Customer

  • Introduction
  • The Product Life Cycle
  • Innovative And Functional Products
  • Market Mediation Costs
  • Customer Value and Product Types - Summary

Retail Supply Chain Management - Skills Required

  • Introduction
  • Five Tasks For SCM Excellence
  • Assessing Retail SCM Skills

The Demand-Driven Supply Chain

  • Vision for The Demand-Driven Supply Chain
  • The Path From Forecast-Driven To Demand-Driven Supply Chain
  • Demand-Driven Tools And Techniques
  • Sponsoring The Demand-Driven Supply Chain

Product Tracking Along Retail Supply Chains

  • Introduction
  • Low Tech Retailing
  • Beyond Basic Bar Codes
  • Radio Frequency Identification
  • Tracking In Transit
  • The Future Of Product Tracking

Understanding Supply Chain Costs

  • Introduction
  • Barriers To Cost Visibility
  • Goal: Activity-Based Costing By Product
  • The Starting Point (i-a)
  • Department Costs With Capital Recovery (ii-b)
  • Multicompany Process Cost (iii-c)
  • Activity-Based Costs By Product (iv-d)
  • Understanding costs—summary

Retail Return

  • Introduction
  • Genco Case Study—The Rise Of The Return Loop
  • Types of Returns
  • Opportunities In Returns
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