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Media Law Analyst Table of Contents

Table of Content




  • What is Justice
  • What is law?
  • Rights, Rules and Laws
  • Laws and Society

Sources of Law

  • Precedent
  • Statute
  • Custom

Types of Laws

  • Criminal laws
  • Civil Law
  • Public Law
  • Private Law
  • Tort Laws
  • Tort and Invasion of Privacy

History of Laws

  • History of Press laws in India

Indian Constitution

  • Rights and Duties of the Press

Press Freedom in India

Structure of Judicial System

Supreme Court of India

  • Other Court Officials

High Courts

Lower Courts

Introduction: Civil Procedure

Introduction: Criminal Procedure

The Trial

The Charge

  • (Ch. XVII: 211- 224)

Trials of Different Cases

The Judgement

The Appeal

The Execution

  • Executing sentences (Ch XXXII: 413 - 435)

Press Council of India

Press Council Acts

Press Council & Media Management

Introduction: Indian Penal Code


Legal Procedure in a Defamation Case

Right to Privacy

Introduction to Copyright

Copyright Act - 1957

International Copyright Order - 1999

Obscenity & Bad Taste

Indecent Representation of Women Act - 1986

Prasar Bharati Act - 1990

Official Secrets Act - 1923

Contempt of Courts Act - 1971

Protection of Civil Rights Act - 1955

Freedom of Information Bill

Parliamentary Proceedings Act - 1977

Wireless and Telegraphy Act

Information Technology Act - 2000

Introduction to Ethics

Press Council: Norms of Journalistic Conduct

AIR Policy Broadcasting Code

  • Code Of Conduct For Television/Radio Broadcasts In Connection With Elections

Rights, Duties & Restrictions of Media Professionals

Accurate and Fair Reporting

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