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Certified Intellectual Property Rights and Legal Manager Course Outline

Course Outline


  • Understanding the status of intellectual property law in India
  • Explaining the concepts and terminologies of patents, trademarks and copyrights
  • Illustrating the basics and general principles of copyright
  • Detailing the technicalities of Copyright Act, 1957
  • Exemplifying the international scene in context of copyrights
  • Understanding the Information Technology Act, India and the liability of service provider
  • Describing the basics of patents and the need for the act to be aligned to international conventions patents.
  • Detailing the Paris Convention and the patent co-operation treaty
  • Illustrating the Budapest Treaty and implications of TRIPS
  • Explaining the upcoming issues in copyrights
  • Understanding the basics of trademarks
  • Illustrating the TRIPS – Articles on Trademarks and the Trademark Act 1999
  • Describing the essential features of a trademark
  • Detailing the techniques, process and steps for protection, registration and infringement of trademark
  • Explaining the issues concerning the trademarks
Geographical Indications of Goods
  • Illustrating the geographical indications of goods and their importance
  • Detailing TRIPS and the Geographical Indication of Goods Act, 1999 as applicable for geographical indications of goods
  • Explaining the issues affecting the geographical indications of goods
Industrial Designs
  • Understanding the basics of industrial design and using the Designs Act, 2000 for it’s protection and registration
Protection of undisclosed information
  • Describing the basics of undisclosed information and confidential information
  • Illustrating the TRIPS as applicable for undisclosed information
  • Detailing the need for non – disclosure agreement and their standard terms
Control of Anti-Competitive Practices in Contractual Licenses
  • Illustrating the anti-competitive practices and the various law controlling anti-competitive practices in contractual licenses
  • Understanding the Competition Act, 2002 for anti-competitive practices
IPR in the 21ST Century
  • Explaining the role of WTO for dispute settlement and applicability of TRIPS