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Certified Facebook Apps Developer Table of Contents

Table of Content


Social Media and Facebook

  • Web 2.0
  • Social Media Growth
  • Facebook Evolution

Facebook Application Development

  • Facebook App Basics
  • Facebook App Components
  • The Development Process
  • Register and Configure an App
  • Facebook Platform Versioning
  • Test Users
  • Test Apps
  • App Review
  • Business Manager
  • Application Naming and Brand
  • Mapping Users Across Apps and Pages
  • App Security
  • Data Deletion Request Callback

Facebook SDK for PHP

  • Facebook PHP SDK Installation
  • SDK Configuration
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Accessing Graph API
  • Facebook service class - Facebook\Facebook
  • Facebook Login Example
  • Access Token and App Canvas Example
  • Access Token and Page Tab Example
  • User Profile Access by the Graph API Example
  • Post Links by Graph API Example
  • SDK API Reference

Facebook SDK for JavaScript (Web / Mobile Web)

  • JavaScript SDK Basics
  • SDK Setup
  • JavaScript Frameworks
  • FB.init
  • FB.api
  • FB.ui
  • FB.login

Facebook SDK for iOS

  • iOS SDK Installation and Configuration
  • iOS and Graph API
  • iOS SDK and Error Handling
  • iOS SDK Classess and Protocols

Facebook SDK for Swift

  • Swift SDK Basics
  • SDK Installation and Configuration
  • Swift SDK and App Events
  • Facebook Login in Swift
  • Graph API

Facebook SDK for Android

  • Android SDK Installation and Configuration
  • Component SDKs
  • Graph API and Android SDK
  • SDK Classes and Interfaces

Facebook APIs

  • Login API
  • Graph APIs
  • Sharing and Open Graph APIs
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Augmented Reality - AR Studio

Create FB Apps

  • Facebook App For Your Page
  • Building Canvas App
  • Adding Custom Tab

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