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Certified Facebook Apps Developer Learning Resources

Learning Resources


Social Media and Facebook
  • Web 2.0
  • Social Media Growth
  • Facebook Evolution
Facebook Application Development
  • Facebook Application Components
  • The Development Process
  • Facebook Application Release (facebook or web server)
  • Development Language SDK (Javascript, PHP, Python, Perl, .Net and Mobile)
  • Facebook Documentation
Facebook Application Access
  • Access by XFBML
  • Access by pure JS
  • Access by server-side PHP
  • Application setup in facebook
Application in
  • Customizing Canvas page and tabs
  • Counter Notification and News Feed
  • Developing a sample application
  • Inviting Users
  • Customizing Facebook Page and username
  • Integrating Application in a facebook page
Application in Other Site
  • Social Plugins
  • Open Graphs
  • Graph API and OAuth
Facebook APIs
  • Object and Basic APIs
  • Real Time APIs
  • Search APIs

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