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  1. Which of the following is NOT an authentication mechanism provided by ASP.NET?
    A. Windows authentication
    B. Logon authentication
    C. Forms authentication Forms authentication
    D. Passport authentication Passport authentication

  2. What is the default value for the Method attribute in a ASP.NET server-side Form control
    A. GET
    B. POST
    C. SOAP
    D. SMTP

  3. Using the CompareValidator control, you can compare the user input to which type of value?
    A. Constant value
    B. Variable value
    C. Memory address
    D. URL

  4. When you type code in the Source view, a drop down list is displayed that helps you complete the syntax of the code. Which feature of Visual Studio makes this possible?
    A. ComboBox
    B. IntelSense
    C. Intellisense
    D. ListView

  5. When a Web page uses a master page to help define its layout and functionality, it is known as_________page.
    A. Web Farm
    B. Content
    C. Web Form
    D. Nested Master

  6. Which of the following data-bound controls displays one or more records from a data source, one record at a time?
    A. GridView Control
    B. TreeView Control
    C. DetailsView Control
    D. DataList Control

  7. Which of the following controls features hierarchical data-binding and may be bound to an XmlDataSource or a SiteMapDataSource?
    A. DropDownList Control
    B. Menu Control
    C. DataList Control

  8. Which of the following classes provides methods for creating, deleting, and updating user accounts, authenticating users, and managing passwords?
    A. Members Class
    B. Membership Class
    C. Member Class
    D. FormsAuthentication

  9. Using which of the following can you maintain the state data of your web server control, even when the ViewState property is disabled for the page?
    A. ControlState data
    B. Session.Start
    C. Application.Start
    D. StateServer Mode

  10. Which of the following can be used to configure the way encryption is used to protect forms authentication cookies and view state information in a Web farm?
    A. <trace>
    B. <machineKey>
    C. <customErrors>
    D. <script>

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