Basic Network Support Test Set-1

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  1. What term is used to describe two or more computers that are linked to each other?
    A. Star connection
    B. Computer system
    C. Computer network
    D. Net

  2. Which of the following is not described as a typical network classification?
    A. Local area network
    B. Wide area network
    C. Metropolitan area network
    D. County area network

  3. What is another name for a shared network?
    A. WAP
    B. Switch
    C. Broadband router
    D. Hub

  4. What type of network is commonly used in an international organization?
    A. WAN
    B. MAN
    C. LAN
    D. CAN

  5. Which of the following high-speed circuits is the fastest?
    A. T1
    B. T2
    C. T3
    D. DS3

  6. at interface card do you need to connect to a network?
    A. ISP card
    B. Wireless card
    C. Router
    D. NIC

  7. What type of network device allows you to share your connection to the Internet with other computers in your home?
    A. Ethernet card
    B. NIC
    C. Router
    D. Cat 5

  8. What type of network is commonly used in a college lab environment?
    A. WAN
    B. MAN
    C. LAN
    D. CAN

  9. What is the term used to describe the amount of space you have to transmit to and from the Internet?
    A. Internet speed
    B. Network speed
    C. Router
    D. Bandwidth

  10. What type of communication media is the most widely used cabling for data transfer today?
    A. Cat 5
    B. Twisted pair
    C. Coaxial
    D. Optical fiber

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