Certified SEO Professional Table of Contents

Table of Content


  • SEO and SEM concepts and relevance
  • Business goal setting and tracking process
  • Technical terminologies (robot, permaflux, PPC, etc.)
Value Proposition
  • SEO economics
  • Cost Matrix, SLA and ROI
  • Strategy Development
  • Success factors
SEO Planning
  • Planning principles
  • Market research
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Business specific factors (B2B, B2C, SOHO, etc.)
Search Engine Basics
  • Organic ranking factors
  • PPC advertising and trending
  • Google and other search engine working
Keyword Research
  • Keyword research and tools
  • Base lining and ranking
  • Best keyword selection and analysis
Keyword Effectiveness
  • Site assessment and visibility
  • Assessment factors
On-page Optimization
  • The page title
  • Body text & keyword density
  • Robots meta tag and 301 redirects
  • Link titles, internal link building and alt text
Off-page Optimization
  • Articles and links exchange
  • Forums, directory and blog submission
  • Search engine and RSS feeds submission
PPC Management
  • PPC account
  • PPC keywords and ad text
  • ROI and PPC tracking
Website Design Guidelines
  • HTML Optimization & Standards
  • Sitemap
  • Google analytics, webmaster central & yahoo! site explorer
  • A/B Testing
Social Media Marketing
  • Social Networking
  • Social Bookmarking

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Note:- While our Job Centre is run on a best effort basis and its our mission to connect our certified candidates with job opportunities, the certification in itself should not be construed as a job guarantee programme. There is no such claim made by Vskills at any stage of a 100% job guarantee to a certified candidate.